Statewide Tornado Drill

The week of March 1-5 is designated as Severe Weather Preparedness Week in Missouri. As part of this week of awareness, the National Weather Service, State Emergency Management Agency and local emergency managers are encouraging Missourians to learn more about severe weather and how to protect themselves. Because of COVID-19 and the need for social distancing, however, UCM will not be participating in the event as it has in has in previous years.

During a tornado, UCM emergency weather operations would apply, which means everyone would immediately move toward the lowest level of the building they are in and gather toward the center of that structure, away from windows and doors. While the university is not performing these steps today, warning sirens were sounded throughout the community as they are during our monthly siren test. In a real weather-related emergency, everyone should follow the operations stated above to ensure optimal safety.

A thunderstorm or tornado watch/warning is issued by local weather services anytime there are possible weather conditions that may warrant a severe storm or tornado. UCM will monitor and follow all local weather conditions and will send out a message on TextCaster as well as a campus-wide email if such measures are required. Shelter locations and building-specific instructions can be found on the Emergency Preparedness posters located throughout each UCM building.

Thanks for taking the time to review your severe weather procedures.


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